Saturday, May 5, 2012

I was three months pregnant with our fourth child when I attempted my first 5k run.  I have only participated in a handful since then because I was so bad at it. I finished last, like exactly last, like the last person on the list, like they were picking up the pylons behind me. But, I was with friends and it was memorable and fun. I wrote about the experience back then, but can’t find the prose now. The popularity of running and/or walking in charity races has increased in the last decade because events are not just for the serious athlete any more, but make a great goal for someone trying to get healthy. And, don’t forget the zero-calorie icing on the cake if it is a true charity fund-raising event. There are a lot of charity races for St. Jude, and I look forward to participating in one or more of them one day somehow – it may just be handing out water, but still. The picture I’m including tonight is of Eli in front of the sign that was displayed in the lobby at St. Jude. It was at the Nashville race for participants to sign. Christina Johnston ran the race and wrote Eli’s name on the wall. It was so sweet when she said she did, but then when I saw it in the lobby we stood for many minutes hunting for it. It was hard to get a picture of him with it, so you’ll have to hunt to see it, but his name has two little black stars around it and is near the underneath of the bill of his cap. We’ve had a slow day, a little step backward on the eating. We are still looking for the right place for the rest of the family to live this summer, so Eli and I did a lot of driving today mostly scratching things off our list.

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