Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eli is having a decent enough day today. He has not had a bite of real food since last Thursday afternoon. But, they are not worried. He did throw up again today. Vic thinks he was just worn out. They have to go up to the hospital for Vic to be trained on the Feeding tube stuff and for other tests, so he thinks he was just nauseated from doing so much running around. But, just in general not feeling well, as would be expected. The picture I'm sharing tonight is of Eli during one of our waiting days. We went to the Subway downtown that gave him the gift certificates and walked around a bit while it was a nice day and lots of people around. He really wants to ride one of these and if his ANC is ever up enough, I will see if there are a couple of locals that can walk us through a ride.

I was going through some old facebook posts looking for something I had written a long time ago and came across this conversation that I had with Eli. You may have already seen it, but I thought I would post it for fun. It is about two years old.

Last Sunday night on the way to church, I became so weary trying to have a conversation with my nine-year-old that I finally said "Ok, I've used all the words that I alloted for today. I'm going to stop talking now." She continued, I kept silent. My husband said "GiGi, I think Mama is not talking any more today." She said, "But, I have to ..." He said, "Well, you will have to save it for tomorrow when she has more words to use."

 I had a similar exhausting conversation with my five-year-old this afternoon. It is very boring and lengthy, but I wanted to share with you what my brain endures on a daily, many-times-a-day daily, basis. So, hopefully, you will understand a little more why I'm the way I am. Be prepared, because it will wear you down.
 My plan: Take the oldest to tennis. While she is there, go to the school to meet a fellow girl scout leader to get an adult registration form to take to a mom's house for her to fill out. Then go back and pick up Hg, then go back by the house to pick up the completed form (which btw, I forgot to do. I wonder how I could forget.)
 I drop Hg off and begin my mission.
 Eli: "Where are we going now?"
Me: "I've go to pick something up and take it somewhere." (I wanted to be done with this subject at this point)
Eli: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a paper thing."
Eli "What's it for?"
Me: "It's just a piece of paper that I need for someone to write down some information on?"
Eli: "About what?"
Me: "About herself."
Eli: "Why do you need to know about her?"
Me: "Because she is joining the girl scout troop that I'm leading this year and they want to know who she is."
Eli: "Who is she?"
Me: "Well, it is the mother of a girl that is in the troop."
Eli: "What is her name?"
Me: "Mrs. Holloway."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me: "No."
Eli: "Why does she want to be in girl scouts, she is not a girl."
Me: "Well, she is just wanting to be able to do stuff with the troop, to spend time with her daughter."
Eli: "Where are we going?"
Me: "I've got to go up to the school to get the form."
Eli: "Where at the school?'
Me: "I think the lunchroom."
Eli: "Why the lunchroom?"
Me: "Well, I think the lady that I need to see is in the lunchroom."
Eli: "Why is she there."
Me: "Well, I think she is having a meeting there."
Eli: "What's her name?"
Me. "Mrs. Gilliam."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me. "No."
Eli: "Why does she have the paper?"
Me: "She is another girl scout leader and she has copies of all the forms." (I pick up the form and we start out again)
Eli: "Where are we going now?"
Me: "To Mrs. Holloway's house."
Eli: "Where does she live?"
Me: "Not too far, just up here."
Eli: “Up here, where?”
Me: “Just up this way, in this neighborhood up there.”
Eli: "How do you know where she lives?"
Me: "I just do, because I know her."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me: "I already said, no, no, you do not know her."

That is just a sampling of the brain-builder conversations that I have every day.

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