Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eli had a free day AGAIN today. Anticipating AGAIN going in-patient Thursday night in order to begin chemo on Friday morning we stayed away from the hospital today. We visited the Fire Museum of Memphis which was neat and had some super nice people working it. Eli was given a genu-WINE Memphis Fire hat that is part of the current uniform of the MFD, and he wears it proudly declaring that maybe he will be a firefighter so he can drive the big ladder truck- not so he can fight fires and help people, but so he can drive the truck. I told him that was a better choice than a policeman because everyone is always glad to see a firefighter coming, but not so much a policeman (except the time my neighbor burned my yard and I thought the policeman was going to have to haul me in for strangling a firefighter with his hose, but I will save that story for another time). So, as a firefighter his clientele might be kinder to him. Speaking in my writing of Memphis’ finest in the black and whites, which I see both too much of and not enough of, on Monday there were four cars at the end of the Target House driveway which is a no-return gate. The night before, just after midnight I was up and heard something odd, something I don’t usually hear in the city limits of my hometown. I texted a friend who is usually up at that late hour and said “ok, not sure, but think I heard gunshots.” It was nearby, but not on the Target House campus. The next afternoon as Eli and I left for appointments, we went through the gates out only to be trapped by the PD. There were six cops, guns and rifles drawn surrounding the house at the end of the driveway. I backed the car as far as I could back against the gate that was closed and waited. About 10+ minutes later they brought somebody out in handcuffs. I had been told that this part of town was “okay,” but I’m beginning to wonder what “okay” actually is in Memphis. I am not use to the sights and activity here. It is scary. I am an explorer kind of gal, but I dare not go anywhere with Eli in the car that I don’t know where I’m going. If I were to get lost or have a flat tire in a part of town that is dangerous, I would be messed up for life if something were to happen to him. But, we came out of the driveway that day unscathed and went about our sunshine and rainbow way. We have appointments tomorrow and more blood draws tomorrow, so say a prayer that nothing happens tomorrow to cause any further delay. One nurse keeps saying, “Well, it’s just a couple of days.” But it’s not; it will be shy of six weeks delay if we start on Friday. Yes, I’m saying “if”, I just don’t write with any kind of surety any more. Last week, after Eli had the G-CSF boost, we went for his appointments with our bags packed. The day before they gave him the shot, I asked the nurse what if it didn’t work, and she laughed at me. So, I took that laugh seriously and came ready to go. I rolled the suitcase, draped my computer bag and other carry bags over my shoulders and we took all the bags to all his appointments because we were told we would be going in and wouldn’t have time to go get our bags from Target House. Alas after the results, we were sent packing – well, unpacking. So, I hope and pray nothing happens at his appointments tomorrow and then to blog from the elusive in-patient rooms of St. Jude tomorrow night. Please, remember my uncle Charles Romine in your prayers. He has been fighting lung cancer and they have learned that he has a small tumor on his brain. I believe they are discussing radiation treatment. Thank you all for your patience as we pass along conflicting and confusing information about Eli, but mostly for your persistent prayers for complete healing so that Eli will be grow to be a testament and a light.

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