Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eli gave me a picture that he colored tonight of a Mustang GT. As a mother of four I get more than my share of coloring sheets and traced hands on construction paper. I get the usual crafts that are made for me because that was the project, a project for mom. Some, I save, some … most I don’t. This little coloring book that Eli was working in tonight is one that came during the flood of care packages early in his diagnosis. We absolutely could not comprehend what was going on with Eli, with our family and keep up with the massive volume of letters and packages he was getting, so I have no idea where it came from. It is not a fancy coloring book, no trademark cartoon or anything. It has real cars in it, in simple driving situations. No transformers racing upside down in a tunnel, no Hot Wheels fire trucks putting out alien flame monsters, just a Nissan driving on a road with a fence beside it. He loves it. He colors some in the other books, too, like Scooby-doo or Transformers if they are around and he has a hankering for coloring, but he will ask for this one. He’s a simple guy. Compared to yesterday he has had a really good day. The chemo only took an hour and did not make him feel nearly as sick. He’s had some bottom trouble, but has been up walking around with the IV pole. He wore out the hallways on this floor walking to try to get me lost even though they only go in a rectangle. We’ve been in the playroom playing board games and he wanted to sit in the chair and not the bed to play video games. He did eat a bag of baked bar-b-q chips, which are his fav, but he kind of felt bad after that for a while. When that passed he wanted to color, and I knew to bring this book. The markers I brought had dried up, so I borrowed a small pack from the playroom, but as he colored the first one, he was picky about his color choice so I trekked back and forth to the playroom until he had a more complete palette. He finished and I complimented him. He wanted to do another one, so he opened it up to the Mustang and asked me if I liked that one. Sure. Taking advantage of him not playing Angry Birds on his Kindle, I was reading the book that I had downloaded on it, so I was doing my own thing. He would look up and say “What color do you think it should be?” Then a few minutes later, “What color do you think the hubcaps should be?” And he would continue his work. Most of our conversations are like that. He plays Super Mario Kart, “What driver do you think I should be?” He plays Monster Truck Jam, “Which monster truck should I be?” So, those questions are not unusual, and I answer them these days without even processing the question sometimes. But, after he colored it, he asked me for a writing pen, and said “how do you spell “from”?” I started to cry and quickly sucked it up. I didn’t realize how emotionally on edge I must always be these days. It is interesting because I was completely calm and involved in my book. And, after yesterday, it’s been a good day today, even great, really, so there was no acute reason to be unstable. I squeaked out the spelling and then he continued writing. When he was finished he turned it up to show me, and said “Look, I made it “to you.” It took all my concentration and strength to keep it together. I’m not sure why. I guess because all these years of getting mother’s day painted flower pots their teachers told them to make, and birthday cards their daddy told them to make, I do not remember a time when one of my handful of kids made something specifically for me of something I like because they knew I liked it and nobody made them do it. I’m including a picture tonight of him coloring today. Tomorrow is supposed to be copy of today, so barring any infections we should have another good day. Although, with the Wii game choices being slim, and the DVD player in the room not working, we may be coloring a lot of pictures, which is fine with me. Vic and I will be switching tomorrow for a few days.

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