Friday, May 11, 2012

Eli and I snuck home tonight for a short visit and were able to make a surprise visit to the Eli Williams Relay For Life team. It is yet to be determined if it was worth it b/c if he catches something that causes him to be hospitalized or challenge the rise of his cell count, I am going to be heartbroken. But, so far what a wonderful sight at the Relay. It was so overwhelming the amount of people that were there to support the fight against cancer and to show love for Eli and us. It was truly awesome. Melissa Chamblee Green and her team did such a beautiful job with the campsite, and with the organization of it all. Sadly, Eli was in a horrible mood from the trip and cried the whole time. But, his mama and daddy were humbled by it all, and we are so appreciative. What an amazing family of friends we have here, and what an amazing community in which we live. The picture I'm sharing tonight is of all of us at the Relay.

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