Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinner is provided at Target House regularly by groups, organizations or companies, and tonight “Juice Plus” representatives worked the kitchen. Juice Plus is a line of controversial nutritional supplements that is manufactured by a company based in Collierville, Tennessee, which is about 30 minutes southeast of Memphis. In the lobby, as you walk in the front door, there is a little board where management writes what is happening that night. So, they had “Dinner by Juice Plus” written on it, and separate below it someone had added “Pizza”. I thought that was funny. Like they were afraid no one would come if we thought it was going to be all fruit and veggies, which I was expecting some of that, but it was surprisingly pizza, soft drinks, cupcakes, and candy. Everybody’s all for healthy, until you gotta use your own green stuff – and I don’t mean spinach. Just can’t get any cheaper than Pizza! Pizza! for a large group. We’ve had a slow day. They are going to try to take Eli off this antibiotic he takes regularly and put him on something through his IV once a month to see if that helps his counts. Admittedly, they are grasping at straws as to why his counts are still low. The neurosurgeon today said that because his spine had such a high dose of radiation, it would be tough for his counts to recover because the spine is where bone marrow originates, and bone marrow produces the white blood cells. Then with two surgeries after radiation, his body is just slow-moving. We are also adding a new appetite stimulant that may not agree with him. The nutritionist said it can cause nightmares in younger ones and that Eli was right on the top end of that age. So, can’t wait for that. We just need him to stay really well so his little white blood cells can concentrate on building up, and not fighting. He fell and skinned his knee on the playground and I was like “oh, no, know all those little cells are going to rush to your knee!” He scratches under his mask constantly and it drives me crazy because I’m like “oh, no, you just touched that railing and now you are touching your face! You can’t get sick!” I squirt him and me constantly with hand sanitizer. The picture tonight is of one of our favorite evening pass times – legos. They have to be the pretty simple ones for me to be able to follow the directions, but thankfully he mostly only likes the little CITY vehicle stuff which is a good level for me. But, I have him do it, and I just supervise. He’s getting better at it.

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