Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update: We've had a good day considering. Eli ate a handful today, and he was in a good mood and seemed to feel well. Although his face continues to be really swollen, one of his eyes was swollen shut this morning. The color was more normal, not the blotchy red stuff, so I guess a bit better on that if you ignore the swelling. He struggles a lot with taking the meds b/c of his nausea, so another fight to go with the food fight. But, the big news of the day is that we were summoned to move back into the Target House. They had a unit ready and since we've been here before we could skip the orientation and we didn't have to wait for an appointment. So, we got the call at 1 p.m., finished our appointments and moved in at 430. We went shopping to set up house and ate our supper at "home" tonight. The Grizzlies House is great for what it is for, which is just a few days b/c it is a hotel. Including our unexpected stay at LaBonheur this is our third bed to sleep in this week. It feels great to finally be somewhere stable. The picture tonight is of Eli in physical therapy. There is no rest for the weary or a st. jude kid

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