Friday, April 6, 2012

Update: We are at Lads to Leaders convention in Nashville for the very first time, and it is impressively overwhelming. But, it is so nice to be overwhelmed in a good way for once lately. We signed up to participate well before Eli was diagnosed and decided that we wouldn't bite off more than we could chew with our events, it being our first time. Hg, Abbey and Eli signed up for Song Leading and Bible reading, and the girls for Puppets. Plus, we had planned for the trip to kind of be a little mini vacation for us. After we began the journey with Eli, we maintained as best we could the practices with the girls (with little attention to detail at home), but we did'nt mention it any more with Eli. When I noticed his name was still on the roster, I asked him to do his Bible reading. And, I will be honest, he didn't want to, but I told him how much I thought it would help encourage other people to see him up there. So, he agreed, but mostly because I had to bribe him, but I thought it very important for him to do it for other people and because I wanted him to know that he could do it. And, yes, when it came down to it, I probably would have had to bribe him anyway. But, we picked a simple verse, which was probably too short, but he had read it in chapel at school before and it was very appropriate. I had to make a conscious effort to not get emotional. It takes a little bit of denial, a little bit of distraction, and a little bit of appreciation for the here and now to keep your mind from drifting into some sad places during even the simplest of moments. If you don't, then you make a precious moment into a sad precious moment, when with a little bit of effort it could have been a normal precious moment that you will also remember just as easily. But he did well, and he has done well today otherwise. I'd like to think his eating a hair better but I'm afraid I'm grasping at cheese straws.The picture I'm including tonight is at the Light house. This is a little path nearby

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