Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update: I get such a cleansing vibe from this group, you guys are very special. I'm not sure where the confusion came, maybe I miswrote, but Eli's surgery was this morning. It went well. Eli is very sore, and is dependent on the wheelchair again, but is feeling good. He has eaten his usual amount, but complained less about his stomach hurting, so I don't want any false hopes, but surely getting drained feels better, although the fluid to his torso will always be there. We got back to the room about 1130 hours after picking up lunch to bring back. I was absolutely beat after having slept little and getting up early, so I stripped down to my relaxing layer, got him set up for some lunch, did some checklist stuff, then by the time I nudged him through lunch a couple of hours, I laid down to take a nap and he immediately said, "I want to go to the zoo." I guess the pain meds wore off and he was suddenlly awake. So, got redressed, we packed up to head out and the bottom fell out of the sky in the form of a nasty rainstorm, thankfully before we left. We hung around until it was almost gone and I took him to a mall and pushed him around a while. We plan to go home tomorrow, although right now it won't be until late afternoon b/c they want to look him over. The picture tonight is another from our beach trip. Eli is again shopping and was looking through this wall of shells aisle. Thank you so much for your prayer efforts, still needed especially as we approach our last weeks at home, so pray on!

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