Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: Eli has had a pretty good day. No puke, and he ate one waffle for brkfst, 4 chicken nuggets for lunch, and part of a bbq sandwich for supper, drank one small nutrition shake and one small V8. I know ya'll got on here for his menu, so I thought I'd outline it for you. But, he has been in a very good mood, very talkative, playful and he sleeps well. He was recognized at one of my errands today which was kind of funny. And we dropped by the school yesterday, and he would not leave my side. He is uncomfortable with all the attention, and, wow, what a reception. All the kids in the class were crowding around him. One little boy would bring another kid by the arm and pull him up to Eli in his face and say, "Look, it's Will, do you remember Will.... (grab another), look it's Ford, do you remember Ford." Eli leaned back away and said loudly "a-course I do. I'm not blind." What was that? I have no idea, it was funny. And, Aiden came up to him with his chest high and with the really big smile, took a breath, then dropped his shoulders and said "aehh, I saw him at church yesterday" and walked off. The Eli celeb stuff was so yesterday for him. It was really funny. I am including another beach pic, this one of the boys. They are almost four years apart so not really as close as the girls are, but still Eli misses Caleb when we are in Memphis

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