Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update: Eli has had a good weekend minus the not getting to go home, but he didn't know it was a possibility. I learned the hard-headed lesson of keeping my mouth shut a long time ago, so I'm really the only one disappointed. However, after learning that there was puke at home and it was not Eli, I was glad to keep him here, yet torn to be at home myself tending the situation. I am a frontline kinda gal. So, I toughed it out here going to the mall and the zoo. But, I heard from Vic that it has been mild so far. Eli looked almost normal today as far as the swelling in his face goes, and he eats something - that's about as positive as I can be about that. He is a lot stronger, not complaining to walk. He walked the zoo, and he walks everywhere at St. Jude now. If he asks for a wheelchair, I... get one and tell him that he has to push it first for a while and he always pushes it the whole time. And, I can't keep up with him when he is pushing b/c it's like he has a purpose, or a mission or is driving, so with our stride probably being the same, it's a good workout for me. And, we are doing two "laps" around the Target campus after supper, ends up being about .4 miles, I think he could do more, but he gets bored and figures out that I'm acutally working him. He has figured out the way I word things and he said "I know you said it that way because you are tricking me." We've got another busy week of mostly checkups and prep leading up to going "in-patient" for chemo on Friday. I think the way it will work (and if I've explained this to any of you before ignore it, I was wrong) is we go in about 8 p.m. on Friday for them to begin fluids so he will be able to get 12 hours of fluid before the chemo meds. Then he gets four days of chemo and on the 5th day he rests, then the sixth day he begins the stem cell recovery. On the seventh day we go home.... or to Target House. He always, always corrects me that home is not Target House. So, then it is just a matter of dealing with the after affects for three weeks (or so). We will do four courses of that. Thank you so much for your prayers this week for healing. The pictue I'm including is of Eli trying to get warm while I was making him eat. I think we are going to be mismatched roomies. A 43yo fat woman and a skinny sick kid make for an over worked thermostat

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