Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update: Eli has done well today. He has not complained, nor has he had any pain killers. Maybe it is my hopeful eye, but I think he has eaten a tad more today, although I have been on him pretty consistently. He only rode in the wheelchair briefly this morning, and has been getting around the house well, albeit gingerly, since we've been home. He is such a good passenger. We do not stop for any breaks unless I need to stop for gas, and I would not even know he was back there except to look back to change lanes. He looks out the window almost the entire four hours. Every now and then I hear his game and every now and then he says "what is this car that we are passing?" We leave for Nashville about noon for the Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes convention this weekend. I've been so impressed with the young people who respond to Eli and his fight. He gets the cutest packages of cards and drawings from kids and entire classes, I just tear up when I read some of them. One little girl said she wishes him Love and Sunshine. One boy said that he was sorry his brain was hurt. They are just really sweet to read, and you can feel the genuine heart from all them. The picture I'm including tonight is one from our trip. We visited the Naval Aviation museum at Pensacola, FL and it was absolutely fantastic. On the base also is this working lighthouse that predates the civil war. It is 177 steps on an iron spiral staircase to the top. Eli did not want to go, so he and I stayed down, but the rest went. it was really neat as well. Don't foreget about the t-shirts that anyone can order. I will see if I can post the order form and the pictures of the shirt. This is not a fundraiser for us, I wanted the shirts to be cheap. It is just for fun and to unify our efforts even more. Many are wearing them for the Relay for Life team, and we will probably use them for anything else we might be involved in to support and enourage Eli.

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