Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update: Eli had a good day for the most part. I couldn't leave him at school although he asked to "stay all day this time." But, he wouldn't eat breakfast, and it was time to begin his three-day stretch of antibiotic. He was complaining of his tummy already and I love Mrs. Sutton too much to hand him over to her with a barf bag in his hand. He did participate in chapel again today, leading the prayer, then we just came home where I could constantly lovingly berate him to eat or drink. And, he did somewhat. He is drinking a lot of juice, the V8 fusion and he will drink an new Ensure clear drink that is like juice, but he is not fond of any milkbased type drinks, and hates the powder St. Jude sent us. So, I don't know what the juice is going to do to his teeth, but it's almost all ...his body's got. I am overwhelmed at home trying to get the house in order for "the machine" to have an easy time of maintaining the running of the household. I'm not really sure who all is a member of "the machine" because I am being sheltered from such details or from any kind of frivolous decision-making, but I'm pretty sure it spans the school and four or five or six local churches. Although it has never been revealed to me, I think Melissa Green is either in charge or is the mediator between me and whoever is in charge of "the machine" b/c I can tell her to throw the switch and all of a sudden the house is being cleaned, the girls' homework is lined up, supper is served, laundry is done, and errands are run. Or I can tell her to turn it off, and it's all me all the time. It's amazing how one can feel so blessed while standing toe to toe with evil. I had a troop of friends, including Kathie Barker, Christy Leopard and Jill Duke working at the house this week helping me clean out closets, prepare storage, do laundry, and Jennifer Shah who has been working even labeled each sock with initials so that whoever does laundry can have an easier time of sorting and distributing. More are coming tomorrow to hopefully wrap up so that I can pack on Saturday. So, this is a busy, busy time, with lots of distractions but my gut knows that time is short. The picture tonight was taken at the lighthouse at Pensecola, FL.
I wanted to give another little plug to support our Eli Williams team in the Relay for Life of Limestone County, AL event. I know that the American Cancer Society is not perfect, and sadly there are so many needy and worthy causes, so even if you dont' want your $$ going to ACS, we would love for you to come walk with Eli's team. This is a community event that does more than fund the ACS, it is a great way to display a community team spirit and show support for local people. So, if you live in our area, even if you don't "sign up" or donate, we want to invite you to come walk with the team behind Eli's sign. Wear your shirt if you have one, if not wear royal blue something, and walk and cheer as the event kicks off. But we would also love for Eli to have one of the biggest teams registered, and it just costs $10 to register, which does go to ACS. As many others have been, my family has been touched by cancer in more ways than just via Eli. I have a dear uncle right now who is fighting. And, as long as ACS does not spend its money on flying a D.C. bureaucrat to his CA farm on the weekends, I'm sure it is helping someone somewhere. But, your presence behind Eli's sign would be an awesome gesture, or if you only want to help just our team you could slip Melissa (the team captain) a fiver or a Subway gift card for the team to have snacks through the night. Sadly, I will not be there b/c I will be with Eli in Memphis, and take heart that one day I hope to grow a local event that directly benefits St. Jude and childhood cancer. But, for now, I hope you can find a way that you are comfortable with to support this effort. Ok, PSA is over.

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