Monday, April 30, 2012

If actual criminals come in contact with Memphis Law Enforcement as often as I have, then I don’t understand why Memphis is the third most dangerous city in the country. I have been stopped by two in four months - one was "helping" and the other gave me a ticket today. No, I didn’t pull the cancer card, but I don’t think it would have mattered as well as it shouldn’t have. I was speeding, but what is so frustrating is that I actually didn’t know that I was. I can think of many times, almost daily, when I know that I am speeding and do so with a purpose. But, today, I just didn’t remember where the speed limit takes a nose dive on Sam Cooper as the freeway part of it transitions to just a plain old boulevard. I was involved in another heated debate about why Cameros are Autobots and Mustangs are Decepticons, so all the brake lights in front of me just didn’t break my topic focus. Too bad it wasn’t the 32nd time we discussed why the Grave Digger Monster Truck would not be allowed to drive on regular roads, because I can do that one without being distracted. But, alas, it was the former subject matter. Eli was very excited about getting pulled over, so I guess there is the positive. He has been in a very good mood, very playful. It makes me think of little tiger cubs that punch and pull on their tired old parent as he/she tries to take a nap. But, despite his mood, he has thrown up twice today, which is kind of a lot as of late. He had no nausea meds today because I was trying to wean him off of it. He always still complained about his stomach when he took it, so I didn’t think it was doing anything, but looks like it was. The most relieving thing today was a meeting with the nutritionist. It seems like for weeks, maybe months, I have complained about his weight drop. Even this week, he has lost one pound. When she saw his numbers she was, I think, more concerned than she was letting on and said she was going to talk to his doctors about it as soon as she and I were done. So, from the conversation I expect they had he will be “TPN”, which is Total Parenteral Nutrition. He will get all nutrition he needs through one of his lines. The solution is in a little pouch that is housed in a backpack. However, most of it is given at night while they sleep. The downside to just now deciding to do it is that it takes a couple of days to get going, and when he goes “in-patient” for his chemo treatments, they stop everything he’s doing. So, to crank it up just to turn it off, she seemed against. But, at least, I’ve got someone that is finally following him closely. If you’ve been reading my posts for even a short period of time you know what great stress it has been for me to watch him wither. I think because that was the one thing I could fix. I couldn’t do brain surgery, I couldn’t run the radiation machine, but I could boil some noodles. And, when that hasn’t been good enough to “fix” his problem, I feel a little out of the “fixing” loop. But, the TPN, should be temporary and he can still eat regular food and they want him to eat even one bite of something to keep the gut working. So, that has been added to our horizon and it was expected.  The picture tonight is Eli in some kind of breathing test booth chamber thing. They close him up inside and put big pipe things in his mouth on which to blow and a pin on his nose. I was claustrophobic just watching him. I don’t even like my covers tucked in, and a tablespoon makes me gag, and I will Kung Fu your fingers if you go near my nose. So I would definitely have had a hard time staying calm in a booth that just had the air removed from it with only a pipe in my mouth from which to breathe.

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