Monday, April 2, 2012

Eli and I are safely… well, as safe as one can be … in Memphis at the Grizzlies House. He just had quick pre-op checks today of which the most disconcerting finding was that Eli had lost 2 pounds. I know I sound like a broken record – is that even a relevant metaphor anymore? Sometimes I catch myself telling the girls that we will “tape” something on TV. I would give away less about myself if I just wore a big 43 on my forehead – I digress… but the eating, the eating, the eating! My own stomach is sick when I see the look on his face when confronted with food. I’m afraid I’m looking for anything to hang my concern on, but I do pray that tomorrow’s surgery will somehow magically affect the nausea. Nobody has said that it will or even might, that’s just something I’ve made up in my head that I want to happen. They did not seem concerned with his line, although they did not look at it. They drew blood from it with no problem and my description did not meet the concerning criteria, but after they prepare him for surgery tomorrow and see for themselves they may order a chest x-ray to see if it is in place. But, they seemed hesitant to want to think there was a problem. Eli has been in a pretty good mood. We went to Toys R Us where he’s like a kid in a toy store. Then he had a special bath with that gold brown iodine soap, and I am always amazed at how bad I am at some of this very simple stuff.  Despite my fragile flower fa├žade that I constantly have to remind people I have, I am not very delicate or patient when it comes to getting things done. A revelation, I know. I’m surprised the kids survived without broken necks as babies with me cramming their little melon heads through the tiny neck holes of their clothing. So, when Eli’s bath took a wrong turn down the drain, I just dumped on him and got him out as fast as I could for a dry dressing change. So, I am documenting that episode if we need to trace back any infections. We are planned for surgery arrival at 630 hours with surgery to follow at 800 hours. It should be simple, but we have to stay in Memphis for 24 hours, so we will leave Wednesday early afternoon, unless something happens. The picture I'm sharing is of the kids at the beach with thier very own intercoastal waterway. Eli was fascinated by the waterway, I think b/c it was like a highway for boats. If he does not grow up to be a civil engineer, I think I might be disappointed... but then again, no I won't. I know I sound like a downloaded loop, but your prayers are always coveted even though this current situation is “common” the evil core is ever-looming.

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