Monday, March 26, 2012

We worshipped at the Gulf Shores church yesterday, and went to The Track instead of the beach. I hoped that the kids would be on a more even vacationing field if they rode go-karts. And, it went about like normal. Abbey and Caleb rode everything they could, while Hg and Eli would only ride the one thing they wanted to and were content to wait for that one while the other two rode willy-nilly. Eli still seemed hesitant or a bit withdrawn, but overall it was a lot of fun. This morning, Eli and I went shopping while the others went to the pool. It was their decision to split up, so he and I headed out for some shopping. A friend had given the kids some money to spend at the beach and some of you had mailed Eli some money for vacation, so it was laser-beaming a hole in his pocket. We got that done and he was patient to go with me to Foley to find a couple of last minutes shirts for these pictures that we are taking Thursday. We got back in time to head to the beach after Caleb’s nap. We had a great beach day. Under the blue flag, the water was great and the crowd was reasonable. We came at the time during the day when most were leaving. Eli seemed to enjoy it more today, digging a canal most of the time we were out there. One time, he went out to the rolling whitecaps up to his knees and filled his thin chest with air as if to puff it out in confidence. I was afraid he was about to just jump in and deal with the consequences later, but he kind of looked to the side at me, then dropped his shoulders some and stepped back. I gave a little sigh of relief. But he busied himself with the digging, and the girls were coming in and out pretending something that seemed to include him and his project. But other than that, it was a plain day at the beach. I did step on a buried bulldozer and cut my foot pretty good, but I’d rather step on a bulldozer in the sand on a beach, than a bulldozer at the bottom of our stairs at home. The picture I’m including tonight is of Eli shopping in a classic souvenir shop.

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