Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update: The Williams House forecast: BEACH!! I'm so ready to chase away some pastey whiteness, shave the winter's growth off my lower extremities, and fill my lungs with some salty air. Oh,... first, Eli and I made it home safely, yes, thank you. We have re-scheduled his surgery for April 3, which we will go back to St. Jude the morning of April 2 for pre-op. So, we've got about 10 days (including driving)... for the beach, I'm back to the topic of the beach. We are all so excited that we have not packed a thing. It looks like there is some bad weather passing through Orange Beach tomorrow and into Friday, so we are going to try to time our travel so that we are riding in on the tail-end of the rain, so that we are there when it clears out. Thank you all so much for your interest and enthusiasm for us in this effort called a "vacation." It is indeed special to us for so many reasons, but your open-hearted enthusiasm as we plan what for some would be just another day at the beach, but for us is a live-it-like-it's-the-last, adds a new layer of special memories. I do plan to post each day and test my cellphone photography skills. I've decided now to only document this journey using my cell phone. Kind of makes it more real and challenging. Yes, I know, I'm so out-there that I'm not even anywhere. The picture today is of Eli waiting... waiting... and waiting. He absolutely loves old vehicles, especially old trucks. We found this one at WM and it is the same year as Vic's truck, so it just jumped off the shelf at us.

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