Saturday, March 17, 2012

Update: Who needs the beach when you live in Athens, Alabama! We so much enjoyed our Family Fishing with the Girl Scouts today, especially since Eli and I are heading back to Memphis tomorrow it really helped all their spirits to do something so fun ALL of us together. We don't really have access to anything but a cul-de-sac and maybe some rain-runoff from the gutters, so splashing around in a creek bed was like a vacation for them. And, thanks to the property owner Jay and Leatha, first for allowing us to visit their place, but to Jay for letting Eli and his daddy ride/drive his four-wheeler. Again, a Barbie Jeep is as powerful as we can get for "ride-on" toys, so it was incredicly special for Eli b/c he his a vehicle kind of guy. When he got off, he came to me and said "I thought when I threw up this morning it was going to be a bad day, but I didn't know one of my dreams was going to come true." Eli continues his struggles with throwing up and eating, although he ate about two-inches of a subway, half bag of chips, half a cookie for lunch, then ate almost all of a piece of pizza and one go-gurt for supper. So, it was a great day for him. And, thanks to dear Ms Pat, Vic and I had a night out. So, we ate out somewhere that does not have coloring sheets and went to the new Target for some quiet grocery shopping and to pick out a movie to watch at home. Like, I said, who needs the beach.... Ok, well, I'm going to back off that a bit, b/c we still WANT the beach, but we so appreciate and love our hometown folk and could not mentally survive our reality without their support and thoughtfulness. "The machine" that takes care of Vic and the kids so beautifully was quickly put back into motion when we learned that Eli and I were going back. Such a weight that is lifted to know that people I love are taking care of the people that I love while I cannot. My picture is of Eli today at our outing. He did not fish, but he loved playing in the creek bed, and he really can't stop talking about his ride with Vic on the four-wheeler. It is amazing the magnitude of what kids can endure, compared to the simple nature of their "dreams."

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