Monday, March 12, 2012

Update: We have had a pretty good "hospital-free" day, although Eli has been bored and tired, as have the rest of the crew, so they've been a little hard to handle resulting in a lot of crying and screaming ... the kids were vocal as well. But, he got to go outside briefly then it started to rain. He has eaten pretty fair for him as of late. We've got doc appointments on Thursday and Friday to deal with this other problem from Saturday, and I'm worried that they are going to want to do something next week which will put our beach plans on hold. But, the stj doc today was asking when he goes back, then said something like, we need to do something soon so he has time to heal before chemo. So, that didn't sound good. And, I'll tell you I can sense the flu on my doorstep. I made the girls change clothes when they got home, wash really good, but it felt a lot like moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic. The picture tonight is of Eli today riding the gokart that Santa brought. I posted a pic a while back of him riding it the day before the Sky Fell, but today, although it was cloudy we made our own sunshine.

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