Friday, March 2, 2012

Update: We had a kind of blah day today, but nothing major that I can tell. Eli has thrown up twice today, only after eating less than maybe 6 bites of anything all day. I know it's normal for cancer, but it's still not normal for me. This little big guy has gone from weighing about 76 pounds to 62, he is gaunt, and I hate it. I come from a long line of proud and round people, and Eli wore the lineage well. It's just one more thing that beats you in the head all day long. Plus, he has been really sad about not going home. But with a 3 yo at home spewing cough droplets every other breath, we just couldn't chance that it was a contagious something. Then the storms back home had us both worked up. So, we've just kind of done what we've needed to do today, but he has been looking forward all week to buying a toy on Friday b/c that was his reward for not buying or whining to buy something every day. So, we went to Walmart "the bestest place for toys." Then we came back to meet the Detroit Pistons and get autographs. I'll share that tomorrow. Tonight the pic is just of Eli waiting for a doc. Waiting, I just hate it

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