Friday, March 9, 2012

Update: We are home. Eli is in his bed as are three other babies, Vic is watching bball and I am on the computer. Please, pray this night be normal... like old time normal... not recent normal. You would think normal is normal is normal. So, if it ain't what normal is then it ain't normal. But normal changes or is fluid, thusly the common phrase "go with the flow." But if it changes, then it can't be normal because normal insinuates something is common and expected. So, is it that all is normal or that there is no normal. As Vic and I sat on the vinyl couch of room 711 at LaBonheur Children's Hospital on March 5th at about 1 p.m. waiting for progress updates of Eli's brain surgery, Vic was talking to our minister about how we were going to deal with the kids back home during this long jour...ney. At this point, all was in the air and plans A, B, C, and D, were being outlined. "We want to keep things as normal as possible for them," he said. But, I just looked at that Daddy who was struggling to find a foothold to anchor us in somewhere, and broke it to him that normal had been reset. Yes, out of our control, and whether we liked it or not, but from December 29, 2011 onward, we were setting a new normal and should plan that way. Pray for us in our new normal and that we adjust, and continue your prayers that this radiation phase has zapped this cancer. I'm including a picture of Eli as we left Target House today. He popped out of bed at 6:20 a.m. and was ready to hit St. Jude. I had packed mostly last night. When we finished our last appointments and arrived back at Target House to begin loading, he said, (and in all his 7 years I have never, ever heard him say this. He has done things I've asked him to, but I've never heard these words from him, exact quote) "What can I do to help?" He was sooooo ready. Then when we were leaving I told him I wanted this picture. He started crying and I said, we are not leaving until I get a picture of a happy boy leaving to go home. He grinned like it was Christmas morning. You can't tell that only 4 seconds before and 2 seconds following that he was crying his head off that he wanted to "just leave already."

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