Friday, March 23, 2012

Update; Oh, yes, I see, now, well that's funny... so you thought I was going to post a beautiful pic of the beach today. Ah, yes, (chuckle), well, we have not actually been to the beach yet. I know, please, you do not have to tap your keyboard in that tone with me. There was a horribly impressive storm system that moved through until after lunch with a light show rival to the Super Bowl half time show. So, we used today for buying groceries and doing some souvenir shopping, all things that we did not want to waste on a beach weather day. The girls did make it to the indoor pool tonight, but tomorrow, I tell you tomorrow is the day for the beach. We did make it to the shark mouth shop, which if you come to Gulf Shores, you gotta go there. So the kids got their airbrushed beach shirts. I also got a photog lined up for pictiures. Eli still struggles with eating. I think some of it is psychological, not wanting to throw up, but it just breaks my heart to have to try to make him eat when he is crying, trying to convince me that his "belly really does hurt. I can taste my throwup coming." It is so hard to ride that line of distinguishing when he can eat and when he really needs to stop. Please, remember Dylan Crowe as he fights problems with his intestines, and fo Ryan who continues to have fever and other problems

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