Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update: A lot of waiting today. Waiting is the most painful nothing that one can do. Nevertheless, we pushed through nearly depleting the battery-life of every portable electronic in our arsenal gathered to combat boredom - an ally of waiting - and got the answer we hope is the final answer. Eli had another ultrasound and xrays today, which are believed to reveal an inguinal hernia due to what is suspected as being an underdeveloped or weak muscle/tissue in his lower abdomen lending to easy passage for excess fluid. This is common in boys, however it does require surgery... however, it is laparoscopic. They will not commit to it being b/c of the shunt, or b/c of the fluid from the shunt b/c they said he could have had it before and we didn't know it. But, I say, he probably did have it, or have the little opening that should be closed, but I, who knows nothing, think it is common sense that the extra fluid now being diverted to that area found the lowest gravital weak spot and seaped through before the body could absorb it. It started happening a couple weeks after the shunt, and he hasn't been active enough to have had an injury to that area. I'm not sure why they don't want to say it, maybe b/c it can't be proven. He said they would not be able to distinguish between cerebrospinal fluid and peritoneal fluid, and it is such a common disorder in boys. I don't think the shunt caused it, I just think he had it and it was highlighted because the shunt is there. But all images show the shunt is in place, his intestines are not involved, the testicles are healthy, and this should be a quick surgical fix. We have an appointment tomorrow with the St. Jude surgeons who we are expecting to refer us to Labonheur surgeons, who we are expcting to then have appointmenst with before they schedule surgery. I'm hoping that this surgery will take place on Thursday or Friday. Eli has had a pretty good day. He has eaten several bites at each meal time, and had bites of a snack in between. He was down in his weight again though. But, he has been in a good mood, very talkative and playful. I'm including a picture toinight of Eli getting his xray. He is very cooperative, and sadly knows what to do.

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