Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update: Eli has had a decent day. He is still losing weight. I think he is down .7 or 8 this week. He went with me to the gym this morning, then we were off to his treatment, which is taking a little longer b/c they have to do a CAT scan before each session. As his flexibility comes back, he stretches his neck a little further which throws off the directed beam of radiation. So, each time, they check to see that they are on target. Then, we had to start this 24-hour urine test where I have to collect his urine each time he goes in that 24-hour period, put it on ice, which yes, means that I have to carry it in a cooler with us everywhere. If he goes one time w/o collecting it, the 24-hours starts over, and we plan to come home for the weekend, so if we mess up we have to stay here. I put a little note on the potty to remind him during the night and when he gets up in the morning. It says "Don't Pee w/o Me". He played on the playground alone tonight, but so wanted someone to play with. I'm afraid for him to be around anyone at home b/c I see multiple "flu" posts, and his counts are low, but not mask low. He got his last stiches out today from the shunt surgery, and that is the pic I'm including.

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