Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update: Eli has had a decent day, again with the nibbling, but no puking. However, I did forget to give him his meds tonight that controls the nausea and induces hunger, so the morning may be rough. Surprisingly, I have rememberd to flush his lines each day. He's been incredibly bored, been to the playground twice by himself. We put together 33 gallon ziploc goodie bags today and left them at the desk to share, so that was fun for me, at least. When asked by the volunteer if he helped, he said... and this is a quote: "I supervised." Seriously, that is what he said, Mr. Smarty McSmartypants. We have a short day tomorrow squeezed in at lunch time, then we hope to hit an early afternoon showing of the Lorax, depending on times for Mondays, hoping the crowds will be low. Then we plan a bath,, we have to set aside and plan for baths. The last time, I taped a sandwich bag over his dressing, then cut a neck hole in a Target bag, then taped it to him once over his head to seal it. then I put a barber's cape on him to wash his head, then took that off for him to sit in the tub. Phew! Then when he's done, I have to use adhesive remover to get the tape off his body where i have sealed the Target bag and the sandwich bag, and by the time I smear that all over him, he needs another bath. Not to mention the remover that I accidentaly get on his dressing that I'm trying to protect. So, now the dressing is pulling up b/c it won't stick because of the remover, so I have to redo it, which creates a whole new set of bumbling issues for me. But, with my new perspective, I'm happy to get to do it all. Him, not so much, but he does not know how blessed he is. The picture is of eli on the playground today. He had his bucket of cars and trucks and was back at making his chalk city. It was a beautiful day.

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