Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update: "All is flux, nothing stays still," attributed to ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. But, the real curiousity here is how did they know us in ancient Greece. We've had a good day, with the exception of the nibbling. Our appointment with the St. Jude surgeons went well. They said that his fluid imbalance on the one side was indeed due to a tiny inguinal hernia, so it must be repaired and drained. They said it was incredibly common and that they could fix it with one scalpel tied behind their scrubs, or in this case one flexible fiberoptic instrument tied behind their scrubs. In other words it was easy. So, the surgery will be at St. Jude. The real news is that it is not an emergency situation so if Eli can stand the pain/discomfort we can put off surgery until we are back from the beach. The reason to put off is b/c one of the docs said that we would need to wait a week after surgery before going so far away from St. Jude. That means that we would miss the luxury of spring break days for the girls. So, unless "all is flux" tomorrow when we have a triage appointment with st. Jude, I plan to tell them that we want to wait, which means that Eli and I will be heading back to Athens tomorrow at lunch. Then unless anything "is flux," I hope to leave for the beach on Thursday providing I can pack that fast on a Wednesday having done nothing toward that end except order a bunch of stuff from Amazon that is still sitting in the boxes, and having not pulled out spring/summer clothing storage for packing. Sooo, stayed tuned, I hope to be posting from home tomorrow night. Before I go, I wanted to post a little "mark my word": So, Eli's hernia is on the left side, which lends to the obvious that there is a right side which is normal at this point. I was schooled that each has it's own hole from which it descends. So, the left side probably didn't close all the way, but even if it closed the ligament was weak, which again is normal. So, I asked after fixing this left side, did they plan to check the right side and fix it if it shows a hole b/c could the fluid not continue to flow and look for another weak spot if the left side is now tightly closed. "Oh, no, we've never seen that happen. And there are some surgeons who automatically do both sides, but there are risks when you start moving that much around when you don't even know if there is a problem. And Dr. Davidoff is a (pointing to the paperwork) leftside only kind of guy."  So, the stage is set for yet another "never-seen." My picture tonight is just of Eli's head:) Radiation basically gives them kind of a sunburn, so he is starting to peel a pattern.

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