Friday, March 23, 2012

Having turned off I-65, we r driving thru Flomaton AL. With my trusty 4-bar cell phone i thought I'd go ahead and update since i said i would be posting from the beach. So pls forgive my stubby fingers of any delinquent taps as i attempt a full post. We got a late start pulling out at 1615 hours. We knew weather was an issue and now we would be pushing bedtime for the little ones. But with a toss of caution to the gulf breeze four happy faces rode out of athens al. Armed w the aforementioned droid-based tool coupled w Vic's iphone, we were obsessed w impatiently forcing the weather app to update. A line of unpredictable storms was moving extreme nrthest as we were moving sthwst. There were threads of clear sky weaved through the canopy of rain and storms, so we tried to time our travel so as to ride within those veins. We were careful, patient and watchful. For a while at one point we were on a collision course w a severe thunderstorm that seemed to perch itself on the interstate and roll along it like a growing snowball. It seemed unavoidable and inevitable. It was hard not to be reminded of the metophorical storm that follows us even to this sunny place w Eli sleeping peacefully in his spot in the car despite the half of a chicken finger he ate. But that storm that lie in wait for us on I65 took a sharp move north causing it to briefly and barely roll off the road long enough for us and it to pass each other. It's like we had a mutual respect for one another. Us for it understanding that we needed to stay out of its way as a force of nature, and it for us like an honorable villian who saves his energy for enemies and not victims. In awe we watched the severity of it as it lit up the sky beside us. We rode on skimming the front edge of the system all the way. I am so thankful to have this break in our storm. The picture tonight is of Eli at one our fav places especially for traveling. We waited here for the first wave of storms to pass.

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