Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update: Two more rad sessions to go. Eli has done well today, even ate one whole piece of pizza at one time. That's about all today, with the exception of maybe three bites of some rotini nooddles, and one bite at breakfast of a french toast stick, but, again, we'll take it and be glad to get it. He went without meds tonight, so still crossing our fingers with that. We plan to start packing up on Friday. His schedule on that day will determine if we can come home on Friday or if we need to wait until Saturday by the time we pack and load. Thankfully, it is mostly clothes and toys. I have really hated to see all the sickness posts from our school, it makes me really nervous to bring him to our germarium at home. I don't plan for him to go to school until after spring break, but still the kids are bring home their share of samplings. In other news (or just to have something to write) I've said before that I try to keep up my workouts while here so if we are unable to get to the gym I will run on campus or I have done the stairwell with four loops around the basement which is a mile. I don't run outside more than twice b/c it is mostly either pavement or concrete and it kills my legs. But on Eli's school days, I try to run outside b/c I have an hour, and a 43yo fat lady can work up quite a sweat during that time. I abhor running. I'm really bad at it for the reasons stated in the sentence before last. If running on its own merit is not bad enough, I really really hate any kind of out-and-back or laps. I want to do a 4-mi circle and be done. I don't want to keep passing my stopping point over and over. I don't want to touch a tree at the end and run back. So, it took me 15 minutes to run around the campus once sticking to the sidewalk and following the little "fitness" icon in the concrete that indicates a measured trail or path (no one here can tell me what the distance is of the path, they don't even know it is there). That did not take long enough. So, these last few times I've been venturing off the beaten trail (sidewalks and roads), and seeing how much I can stretch my distance by sticking as close as I can to the fence that encloses the compound. So, today, I pushed a little more and went behind some buildings, around the back of a lot through the backs of parking lots trying to make the biggest circle I could, and therefore the least amount of circles. It's been more fun. If you know me, you know I prefer to cut my own path anyway, figuratively and literally, and then the bonus of pushing the edge of safe territory just really makes it fun. I was running alongside the fence and someone was walking on the sidewalk outside the fence. I thought to myself "I'm safe and they are not, yet we are within an arm's length." It was an eye-opening metaphor. Of course, they could have shot me. I'm posting another chalk city pic b/c that is his favo thing to do around here.

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