Friday, February 24, 2012

Update: Not a lot to update. I do not talk to Vic often and I figure no news is good news. Eli had eaten a big (for him) breakfast but when I did talk to Vic it was still a little early to know if he was going to keep it down. I'm sad tonight, though b/c I've been a little sick-ish since Sunday and we've decided that my return to Memphis should be delayed due to Eli's immune system being weak. I'm crushed about it, really. I can't adequately express how desperate I am to get back to him. At worst, I have a cold virus, but for Eli that could be dangerous. I'm also keeping a close eye on my youngest daughter. Nothing I can put my finger on, but I'm super-sensitive to any little cough or sniffle they have b/c I don't want to carry anything back when I do go, so I'm just not liking the sound o...f a cough she's been trying to muffle. Plus, I've heard that several of her little co-horts have fallen victim to myriad sicknesses. I said "Abbey, please, you have got to keep your hands clean and stay out of germ's reach. Your classmates are falling like flies." After a short thoughtful pause she says, "Ya know, mama, flies are really hard to kill." We've been chasing three in this house for days, so I guess that wasn't my best analogy for her. In one of my posts I talked about Marty Monkey going to school for Eli, and how Abbey was taking care of him, bringing him to and from school, making sure he has his school bag, lunch and is dressed in a clean shirt each morning (but where is she when I do laundry). The picture I'm posting is of her and Eli this past summer. They are each other's best friend and worst enemy. They are the same size, but two years apart. When Eli was learning to play football he did not want to tackle anyone or get tackled. So, I borrowed some football equipment for Abbey and had her hit him a few times to help him get use to it. She enjoyed it way too much and I finally had to pull her off of him and ban her from football. Abbey and Hg share a room, but Abbey and Eli share the back row of the SUV. Abbey can make him scream the loudest and laugh the hardest.

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