Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update: I am in memphis tonight having arrived yesterday. Eli is doing really well, his hair is pretty much gone, he is hardly eating anything but is eating something, he walks without the wheelchair unless the day is long. He is in a decent mood, plays with his cars every morning and talks about going to the beach every day. I'm telling you guys that this going to the beach thing is big for all of us. As I've told some of you, I was shocked when Vic said "yes" b/c the only thing he says "yes" to is a bucket of chicken - on sale. I feel better but have a lingering cough, which around here, draws attention. Vic took two of three to the doctor today and brought back one with a double ear infection and the little one with a "really bad" ear infection, both with upper respitory infections. I could feel it coming and warned everyone around me, I'm just glad he was paying attention b/c they did not have fever and were in good moods, sleeping well, etc. So, he is having to grow a mother's instinct while I am away. Eli continues to have low immunity numbers, and is slightly anemic, but nothing that alarms St. Jude people - with what they are use to seeing it has to get pretty bad to cause concern. His radation treatment has changed now from the blanket hit of brain and spine to high-dose hits directly to specific spots of cancer. I know it seems we've hit a lull, but please continue to approach His throne with a plea for complete healing as we chip away. It's so easy to sit back and be thankful, but the work is not done. The picture I'm including is one I took tonight. It is nothing special beyond that it is of him on a normal night during a not-so-normal time in our lives. But, I thought you might like to see how he looks now, and he just seemed to be in a good mood, so I thought he might smile for me. He is holding up a book someone sent him that he likes to read with animal facts. He learned a new fact, he said, about a lion, which he says is his favorite animal - I thought it appropriate.

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