Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update: Everything has gone well today, pretty much. Eli was transported to St. Jude to get in his radiation treatment so that he won't miss any (they don't do it on the weekends). At the same time, the neuro people came to do the lumbar puncture an hour late. So, the transport people were loading Eli up, while the neuro guy was trying to keep him here - AWK-werd! The transport people won. The lumbar puncture, not fun. So, they did't get started with surgery until about 3 p.m. It went well, he was under pressure so he needs it. We are at risk for infection for three months, and then statistically the chances are lower, but having a low white blood cell count will kind of add to that risk. So, may try to keep his counts up artificially with shots, don't know yet. But, he was a bear when he woke up, I mean n-o-t happy and a tough one for this hands-on mama to deal with while being yelled at. But, they drugged him up good and he drifted off just in time for him to be moved back to the room. He is awake and quiet, watching a movie. Thank you so much for your efforts today.We are glad to have this behind us, and ready to move on to the next challenges. I'm including a picture of Eli showing his mask that he lays in for radiation. He has to lie face down and rest his face in this mask for about 35 minutes perfectly still.

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