Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update: Eli has done well today, but with an asterisk just b/c he continues to eat very little. I've seen two children recently that I saw regularly when I was here before - one I wrote about in a blog post that had the daddy with the artificial arm. They look wonderful. I do not know what type of cancer they have, but each has a shunt and they are in our clinic, so I'm figuring it is some type of brain cancer. But, when I first saw these two children they were both in wheelchairs and were either unresponsive or in the case of the little boy, just uncontrollable. Both children just were not "present." They were both pitiful, but I saw them today, and the little girl was talking, playing a video game, wearing a snow white costume, still being carried or in a wheelchair, but so "normal". The little boy was walking with assistance and had some muscular issues, but was being tutored in his school work. I could hear him talking and aswering questions. I've been told many times that we are in the right place, I've been told several times to research alternatives. No one can take two roads at once, and only one outcome will avoid any hindsight second-guessing, but for today I feel good about where we are. The picture tonight is of Eli during some Physical therapy sesssions, obviously, this is a few weeks old. He is doing very well with that, almost has all his mobility back in his neck, still weak in general, but was without the wheelchair all day today.Lastly, I have bracelets that I woudl be glad to mail. Message me, don't "comment" with your address and how many you want. Thank you for your continued prayers and for sharing Eli's name around the world.

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