Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update: Eli continues his struggle with vomiting several times a day, but the doctor so far believes it to be within the norm for a kid undergoing radiation although they are keeping a close eye on anything that might indicate the shunt is not working. He will eat four or five bites of a pbj before bed, but that's been all the last two nights. He will have the portable nutritional IV for the rest ...of this week at least. He gets very sick when he is walking or moving, so he travels via wheelchair now. For those keeping up with details, Eli has medulloblastoma M3. He is receiving a high dose of radiation blanketing his brain and spine, then will receive a higher concentrated dose directly to the spots on his brain and spine. This is week 3, and then he will do 3 more. We will be home for a month, then begin chemo therapy which will go about five months. Please say a prayer of Thanks for Ryan's news today that his scans show him free of cancer. He is in round 3 of four chemo hits. I'm including a picture that Vic took today. There is almost always something going on at St. Jude, either a craft, a show, a giveaway. So, I'm figuring Eli was passing by a craft table and someone caught him before he could get away

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