Sunday, January 29, 2012

Word Out - September 2010

Last Sunday night on the way to church, I became so weary trying to have a conversation with my nine-year-old that I finally said "Ok, I've used all the words that I alloted for today. I'm going to stop talking now." She continued, I kept silent. My husband said "GiGi, I think Mama is not talking any more today." She said, "But, I have to ..." He said, "Well, you will have to save it for tomorrow when she has more words to use."
 I had a similar exhausting conversation with my five-year-old this afternoon. It is very boring and lengthy, but I wanted to share with you what my brain endures on a daily, many-times-a-day daily, basis. So, hopefully, you will understand a little more why I'm the way I am. Be prepared, because it will wear you down.
 My plan: Take the oldest to tennis. While she is there, go to the school to meet a fellow girl scout leader to get an adult registration form to take to a mom's house for her to fill out. Then go back and pick up Hg, then go back by the house to pick up the completed form (which btw, I forgot to do. I wonder how I could forget.)
 I drop Hg off and begin my mission.
 Eli: "Where are we going now?"
Me: "I've go to pick something up and take it somewhere." (I wanted to be done with this subject at this point)
Eli: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a paper thing."
Eli "What's it for?"
Me: "It's just a piece of paper that I need for someone to write down some information on?"
Eli: "About what?"
Me: "About herself."
Eli: "Why do you need to know about her?"
Me: "Because she is joining the girl scout troop that I'm leading this year and they want to know who she is."
Eli: "Who is she?"
Me: "Well, it is the mother of a girl that is in the troop."
Eli: "What is her name?"
Me: "Mrs. Holloway."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me: "No."
Eli: "Why does she want to be in girl scouts, she is not a girl."
Me: "Well, she is just wanting to be able to do stuff with the troop, to spend time with her daughter."
Eli: "Where are we going?"
Me: "I've got to go up to the school to get the form."
Eli: "Where at the school?'
Me: "I think the lunchroom."
Eli: "Why the lunchroom?"
Me: "Well, I think the lady that I need to see is in the lunchroom."
Eli: "Why is she there."
Me: "Well, I think she is having a meeting there."
Eli: "What's her name?"
Me. "Mrs. Gilliam."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me. "No."
Eli: "Why does she have the paper?"
Me: "She is another girl scout leader and she has copies of all the forms."
Eli: "Where are we going now?"
Me: "To Mrs. Holloway's house."
Eli: "Where does she live?"
Me: "Not too far, just up here."
Eli: “Up here, where?”
Me: “Just up this way, in this neighborhood up there.”
Eli: "How do you know where she lives?"
Me: "I just do, because I know her."
Eli: "Do I know her?"
Me: "I already said, no, no, you do not know her."

That is just a sampling of the brain-builder conversations that I have every day.

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