Sunday, January 29, 2012

Smarty Brains - April 2011

So, I lost the Easter Bunny and Santa all in one swoop. At lunch Abbey said that she didn't like something that she had gotten from the Easter Bunny. I said that maybe we could exchange it. She said that she was going to get a puppy one. I said, they don't make them with just puppies. She squinted her eyes at me, "How do you know what they have?" I said, I've looked at them before. Then at bedtime, Abbey noticed that I was a little too familiar with what they had and didn't have in their baskets this morning. As she and Hg got ready to climb into bed, she slowly lifted a pointed finger at me, "You're the Easter Bunny?" I took a weary breath, and said yes. Her eyes got big and excited. "You are the Easter Bunny! Oh, please, please, take me with you when you go, please take me with you?" Me: "What?? Take you? …. Oh, no, no, not THE Easter Bunny, not for everybody, it's not like a secret job, I am just for ya'll. Each parent does it for their own kid." Abbey: "oh." She thought a moment and sighed. "So, you get all the gifts, even Santa gifts? You don’t have to answer that. You’ve bought everything I've ever gotten, the mario game, the webkinz puppy, the Barbie Jeep. Everything? Every little thing that I said I wanted on my lists." I nodded slightly and she shook her head. "My brain is just too smart sometimes. I wish I could forget that I know. I'm too little to know. I am only eight. How can I get this out of my head now. I hate my smart brains, I hate my smart brains." I felt bad for her, but she had it on the tip of her brain and it was convenient b/c Eli was not with us. How did Hg handle the news? She shrugged her shoulders and said "I bet Christmas is hard." Then got into bed and started her reading. I've threatened with no more gifts if they breathe a word to the younger siblings or any classmates. But beware; I don't know if Abbey's brain can hold it. Since then, she always corrects me if I say “I” instead of “Santa” or the “Easter Bunny” in an effort to force her brain to forget that she knows. She even told me that it wasn’t helping her forget for me to keep referring to myself as the originator of the gifts.

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