Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Mother's Pride December 2010

 As most of you will recall when I found out about my fourth pregnancy, I was a little, we'll call it not excited. I was depressed and ticked about it for almost the entire pregnancy - and, at the pregnancy, not the baby. My older three were planned by my husband and me from the first time we discussed it. We would have three, didn't matter the gender, that is the number. That was our plan. God, sensing our control issues, decided to teach us a lesson with his own plan, so he gave us Caleb at a late-ish, unprepared age. All children are special, but because of this unexpected, "unplanned" life now in my house, I look at him differently. I've always felt he or his descendants must have a special purpose or talent to (hopefully) better the world. He'll be a gatherer for the hungry, a protector of the poor, he'll cure cancer. Or, maybe, since my other kids have no real drive, skill or talent in anything, this one will be different. He'll walk on Mars, he'll play for the Colts, or he'll be president of the United States of the North American Continent. He will be the one that I stand and say proudly "Yes, he's mine." God, with the sense of humor that I firmly believe He has, I think, has revealed Caleb's special talent even at the green age of two. So, I'm here on to proudly display my son's talent for picking his nose with his tongue. We are so proud.

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