Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a Dog's Life - October 2010

Abbey has become obsessed with dogs. It's been going on for a while. And, we don't even have a dog. We have no pets now that the gerbils finally expired. Her birthday theme she wanted to be dog, not Scooby Doo or Snoopy, but just Dogs. She drew a picture one time of her brain and a smaller brain beside it, which was a dog's brain, she explained. Then she drew arrows back and forth like the brains were switching. What was interesting to me was how much smaller the dog's brain was than her own.

She often reminds me of similar characteristics between her and dogs. She says she runs faster with her hands and her feet on the ground, and that she prefers to eat directly off of her plate. She told me that in class they played the Find the Eraser game, where the "It" person closes their eyes while an eraser is passed around and someone finally hides it in their desk or on their person. She said that she "actually, seriously" used her nose to find it and found it every time, so many times that she never had to sit down. She told me that she just sniffed around everybody for the smell of chalk. Dogs are smart, too, right? Tonight, as every night it seems, I was playing the Laundry Dig game, the game where piles and piles of clean laundry is in my floor and we hunt clean underwear, socks, pj's, school clothes for the next day. I asked Abbey to help me find Caleb's Auburn shirt. She said this was a perfect job for her because she was very good at digging and could sniff it out. So, she took off, digging and sniffing the laundry piles. She pops up and says, "Hmmm, my nose says it is in this pile here" She digs some more and says "My nose also says that if it is not in this pile, don't blame him, he is just a nose." Indeed.

I'm afraid I can't argue with her much about the dog issue. She found every piece I asked for quickly, almost putting her hand (or mouth) right on it instantly... well, after sniffing for it. She told me that she thinks she may "actually, seriously" be part dog. I said "Abbey, I'm pretty sure neither I nor Daddy have any canine genetics and I think I would know if I gave birth to a half-dog baby." She came back with, "I don't know, mama, God can do anything." That he can. Mine often pull that "God can do anything" card. Or, they ask me "Could God (insert anything outrageous)?" forcing me to use the "Well, yes, but" card. Abbey was pretty clear, as she is with everything, on what she wanted to be for Halloween: Hannah Montana... no, no, a DOG! What have you been reading, yes, a dog. She told me that she does not want to be anything "human". She has always only played with animals, she could barely talk when she tossed the people out of her dollhouse and said "No humans." Yes, she used the word "humans." Hg has always played with baby dolls, but Abbey would diaper and feed a stuffed alligator instead and play happily.

So, for halloween she was my only constant as what costume she wanted. Hg and Eli went back and forth, this and that, but Abbey a dog. Well, it was a werewolf at first because she wanted to be a scary dog, but I told her that I could not find a costume for little girls and it would scare Caleb, so she said just a plain dog then. Sadly, I waited too late, trying to pin Hg down on what she wanted, thinking I would order all costumes together to save on shipping. So at the beginning of this week I had nothing for anybody. So, we had to settle for what Party City had and we could only come up with a Scooby Doo mask. No costume because they were for toddlers, but we have the mask. She seems satisfied, because she said at least he was a dog. I think as long as she has a collar and the spot on his back, she will be happy. But I'm sad about it because this was her one chance to really be a dog and I blew it for her. But, maybe she will at least get a chance to howl at the moon.

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