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Dear Walmart - December 2009

 December 13, 2009
Dear Walmart: I am a loyal Walmart customer, a mother of four little, loving monsters, who appreciates the convenience of going to one location for everything from bananas to light bulbs. I consider myself to be counted amongst the first true Walmart generation. A generation that knows not limited inventory, the 10-5 clock constraints, or the potential hometown clique service of a Mom and Pop. A generation that turns to Walmart when we are sick; when we have a birthday; when we need our tires rotated; when my future teenage kids need a summer job; even when we are out of bananas.... 24 hours a day! This is MY Walmart. My kids believe everything comes from Walmart or Santa. In fact, at our house, the kids have been told that there are so many kids in the world now Santa does not make toys anymore, he goes to Walmart. Walmart is the answer to all of their questions. In my small town, our Friday night is to Cracker Barrel and to look at toys at Walmart. Boom! Instant, easy and cheap entertainment. We go to Walmart as much or more than we go to church. I am at MY Walmart so often, and the four-kid frown on my face is so friendly, that many people ask me for assistance, even when I am double-buggied with groceries! How friendly can I really actually look? Just a few examples: I have helped an elderly man find a whistle to call his dog for supper; I have helped a woman find white bbq sauce, and I have even helped a young daddy pick a sleeper for his new baby. I have such a Walmart aura that, even with two of four kids in tow, I had an elderly Mexican woman insist I check her out at the self-checkout! "No speak-o Mexico-o, You Self-checkout-o". I dare not wear navy blue anymore. This is MY Walmart. I AM Walmart! But MY Walmart has a new loook. MY Walmart needs to fire whoever designed the new Great Value packaging. Before, when I bought GV stuff (which I always do if it is available), I felt like I was being frugal. Now, I just feel cheap. Before with GV products in my buggy, I walked with an air of pride that I was saving money. Now, I cover the items in shame like I can't afford the pretty, real stuff. I feel like I'm buying something out of a 1950's bomb shelter, or that I've stumbled onto a Dharma Initiative bunker (from the TV show "Lost"... I know, you kind of have to watch it to get that one). What? MY Walmart can't afford color? I am a graphics designer (well, when I WAS something other than a bottom-wiper), and the new look is unappealing and confusing. Yes, confusing. When I open my pantry, I'm looking at just a bunch of white boxes. Yuck! I can't tell from a glance if I need GV Cheerios, or GV Rice Krispies. My prayer to the Walmart gods is to please turn from this road of white boxes and lead us back to buggies filled with color. My name is Kristie Williams and MY Walmart is #661.

Here is Walmart's response to my email in which I expressed a deep concern for their lack of color in the new packaging.

"Hi Kristie,

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your email. I, personally, am from a small town in Texas and can fully appreciate that your local Walmart can serve as the sun around which all other aspects of life seem to orbit. Currently, I am employeed at's home office in Northern California. I am not yet a God at Walmart (though thanks for asking), but I am hoping for an upgrade from Demi-God to God next round of promotions. Your positive thoughts on this matter are appreciated. My mother will be so proud.

With regard to your feedback on the new Great Value packaging, I will forward it to the leadership of our Creative division. When it launched, I believe the feeling was that the new look really "popped" on the shelf next to all the colorful packaging of its competitors. I really have no clue about such things as I am a "complex spreadsheet" gal not a "what emotion does this particular shade of blue evoke" gal.

I will keep you posted as to what response I receive from cool peeps over in our Creative department. If you need anything else, you can email me directly at

Happy Holidays and May the Island Polar Bears Bless and Keep You.
Kelly Associate"

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